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Approach the water with caution. Be aware that ocean conditions can change. This is the safest level of nearshore conditions.
Primarily for beachgoers and surfers



Be cautious and maintain alert for choppy seas, currents, and breaking waves. Users of kayaks and other unpowered craft must be aware of strong wind, wave, and current conditions that can carry you offshore, and are capable of changing unexpectedly.
Primarily for boaters and kayakers
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Mostly Cloudy
Winds Northeast at 15.0 MPH (13 KT)

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Aliʻi Beach Park is also known as

Haleiwa Beach


Aliʻi Beach Park consists of a main western section and a small eastern section that is wedged inside the Haleʻiwa Harbor breakwater. Care should be taken when swimming off the main steep, sandy beach due to the presence of rip currents and fringing reef and rock. There is a 300 ft long section of outcropping beachrock near the eastern end of the main beach, which can be dangerous. The beaches receive generally small waves, but there are several larger surf breaks located offshore. The small, eastern section of beach is protected by the harbor breakwater, making it a better location for inexperienced swimmers. There is a lifeguard tower as well as parking and bathroom facilities.

Banzai Rock Beach Support Park, an undeveloped 2.3-acre park between Ke Nui and Ke Waena Roads, provides public parking and access to the beach and the surf sites offshore, Off-the-Walls and Rock Piles.

This description is from John R. K. Clark's Beaches Series: Beaches of Oʻahu, Beaches of Kauaʻi and Niʻihau, Beaches of Maui County, and Beaches of the Big Island published and available for purchase from the University of Hawaiʻi Press. We thank John R. K. Clark for providing beach descriptions for use on this site.
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